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Service Above Self

Let the Celebrations Begin!

April 1, 2021 marks the 100th anniversary of Rotary in Kingston and the official launch of another century of Service Above Self! Rotary brings together men and women from diverse backgrounds who are inspired to take action and make a difference. Rotarians strive to empower youth, improve health and well-being, and promote peace and sustainability. Since the first meetings at the former Frontenac Hotel, Kingston Rotarians have supported our most vulnerable citizens. Today, nearly 200 Kingston Rotarians work with local organizations and partners to address community needs through service projects and program funding. This milestone year will be marked with new projects to support students and new Canadians, improve our environment, and facilitate healthy eating.

Rotary wouldn’t be Rotary in Kingston without the incredible support of area residents and businesses. Thank you! 100 years of Rotary in Kingston - let’s celebrate together!

Take a few moments to check out the videos below to see how Rotarians in Kingston have spent time this year helping pack and deliver food boxes, work the gardens at Robinson Community Garden, and volunteer at the Rotary Brier Patch in Kingston in early March (pre-Covid and pre-social distancing... the good 'ol days). Enjoy!


100 Years in Kingston

From the humble beginnings at the former Frontenac Hotel in 1921 to the present day, Rotarians in Kingston have been engaged in building and supporting our community.


Centennial Projects

This milestone year for Rotary in Kingston will be marked with new projects to support students and new Canadians, improve our environment, facilitate healthy eating, and SO much more.


Special Events

Despite COVID changing our plans for the timing of special events in Kingston over the Centennial year, Rotarians look forward to the time when we can gather to celebrate in person.

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